Relooking Slimming & Beauty Center

( Pay Per Click )
About Relooking Slimming & Beauty Center

Relooking Slimming & Beauty Center is a renowned brand in India that offers wide range of services such as Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Body Sculpting, Body Contour, Breast Augmentation and various therapies that helps you stay healthy and fit. It is a Salon Services provide, best In class services for Bridal & Party Makeover, Hair Cut & Color, Facial & other beauty services. It is established to adorn your living. Relooking Center is located at the heart of the city which makes them an easy to access point. Google AdWords campaign has been running which entirely planned, executed and completely owned by Technians Softech Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon.


Project Summary

  • Service Provided: PPC, Search Advertising, Landing Page Design
  • 3 Main Services category : Slimming solutions, Beauty solutions, Skin solutions
  • Results: 9.87% conversion rate and 1800% return on ad spend
  • The Pain Points

    Not everything we tried turned out as we’d hoped though.

    It’s inevitable that some things will work better than others and not everything will work.What’s essential is to know when to stop, what isn’t working and optimising what is working.

    That’s why knowing how to monitor and analyse a campaign continuously is vital to success. In this case, we had problems with some of the specific consulting services. While they did drive a lot of traffic to the site, the On-page conversion rates were poor, so those ad groups had a negative ROI. We tweaked the landing page copy and adjusted the bids, and were able to turn them around into positively performing ad groups.

    With Technians managing the full process, a high quality of work was maintained from the creation of Highly attractive and targeting ads through to Dynamic Keywords Insertion and Customizing Text Ads.

    How We Helped

  • Technians provided this to Relooking Slimming & Beauty Center through a powerful and precise Pay Per Click campaign, involving the creation of a tailored website with which to convey the strengths of the product and brand to customers shopping in an already crowded and competitive market.
  • It couldn’t be just any campaign. It was vital that the Pay Per Click work was highly engaging so as to increase qualified leads and tap into unaware potential customers within a specific demographic that was defined by their income and lifestyle.
  • What We Achieved

  • Although it was growing slowly, our client was a small company with very limited resources .The business owner was highly committed and passionate about his industry, extremely client focused, prepared and committed to invest his limited budget in digital marketing. But digital marketing wasn’t his area and the company didn’t have any historical digital marketing campaigns to build on, so the strategy was created from scratch.
  • Naturally, having a limited budget and no previous track record of what had worked and what hadn’t meant we were facing some challenges, but hey, we relish a challenge!
  • The campaign initially suffered from success! So effective was the ad targeting that caps were put in place to ensure an appropriate limit on exposure to potential customers.
  • With over 5.25 million impressions achieved, a fantastic figure of over 57,000 site visitors and a 9.87% conversion rate was achieved.
  • But that wasn’t all. Technians was responsible for many other PPC marketing campaigns over an year period. These campaigns generated millions of ad impressions and thousands of sales. Combined with some other campaigns managed by Technians.

  • Thanks for Technians team who has supported in implementation of CRM product in very short period of time. The overall experience in dealing with you and your team was quite satisfactory. We look forward for any support if required in future.

    ATUL GUPTA Vice Prisedent APOLLO FIEGE Integrated Logistics Pvt Ltd