Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

A case study of brand growth on Social Media through organic means leading to increased brand awareness, prominent brand image and a wide content bucket.

Industry: Healthcare
About Brand: Asian Institute of Medical Sciences is a 425 bedded Super Speciality Hospital based out of Faridabad and is one of the Top 5 Hospitals in Delhi NCR (The Best Hospital Survey, The Week 2021).

    Services Offered:
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Bucket
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Organic Digital Growth
  • Organic Marketing
  • Social Media Hygiene

Brand Overview:

Asian Institute of Medical Sciences is a well-known Super Speciality hospital based out of Faridabad. It is equipped with the latest and highly futuristic technology while also bringing together some of the country’s most talented medical professionals. Under the banner of Asian Group, the brand has other healthcare ventures set up in New Delhi, Patna, Moradabad etc. The brand was voted one of the Top 5 Best Hospitals in Delhi NCR by The Best Hospital Survey, The Week 2021.

The Challenge:

The brand was looking to increase brand awareness through digital efforts by means of organic marketing. They also wanted to maintain the hygiene of their social media pages along with creating relevant and medically accurate content to build credibility among their audience.

The Objective:

The primary focus of the brand through our services was to organically grow their digital presence, improve content bucket and maintain post frequency to stay in the periphery of their audience.

The Solution:

The goal of the brand was to grow their presence on social media while creating assets for their inhouse campaigns and keeping up with the trends of the market.
To achieve this, we did a thorough research on the brand to understand their facilities, services and the client’s expectations for their new phase of social media marketing. We also conducted competitor research to understand what our competitors were doing in the market and to analyze their design and content strategy in order to perfect ours.
Furthermore, we also created a number of marketing campaigns in consonance with trending social media content in order to achieve greater organic growth. One such campaign we launched for the brand was During Navratri.

Campaign Goal:

To pay a tribute to the women doctors of the hospital for their hard work, seamless efforts and their services to the society while also promoting awareness of women’s health issues.

Creative Strategy:

Navratri (leading up to Dussehra) is one of the most trending periods for brands to upscale their marketing strategy. So we created a campaign by collaborating on our goal with Navratri. We created posts around 9 female doctors of the brand, for 9 days of Navratri. The premise was to project how they contribute towards the greater good while honoring them for supporting #DiagnoseEarlySaveLives and also shedding light on women’s health issues.

Campaign Result:

As a result, our campaign gained 69% higher organic reach over paid, which proved the effectiveness of our creative and meticulously planned campaign.

The Results:

With the execution of effective and relevant marketing strategies through content marketing, we were able to achieve substantial results in the first quarter itself, which are as follows:


Increase in Facebook Page Reach


Increase in Instagram Page Reach


Increase in comments on LinkedIn


Increase in reactions on LinkedIn



Merging the worlds of Healthcare, Navratri and Social Media Marketing in this meticulously planned and successfully executed campaign.

Warriors of Asian Healthcare

Our aim was to empower women while spreading awareness on common health issues faced by women in the country on these occasions of Navratri and Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Ten-headed evils of Women's Health

To bring in awareness about the health issues faced by women and that Asian Healthcare is always at their disposal to fight these evils.

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