Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Increasing Brand Awareness through Organic Social Media Marketing | Healthcare

About Asian Institute of Medical Sciences:

A super speciality hospital that is a landmark of reliability in India, is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and has 14 dedicated centres of research and treatment. Decorated with numerous awards of recognition in the industry, it was recently ranked as the “Best Healthcare Brand” in 2022 by The Economic Times.

Campaign Objective

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Build a Brand Identity
  • Organic Digital Growth
  • Increase Brand Recall
  • Social Media Marketing

Services Provided

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Optimization
  • Graphic Designing
  • Brand Awareness
Campaign Strategy


Asian Institute of Medical Sciences carries an excellent reputation in the healthcare industry for its state-of-the-art medical care and high success rates of treatments. However, it suffered from stunted growth in the digital space. Our objective was to increase brand awareness through social media platforms and the requisite strategy entailed the creation of engaging content for Asian Institute’s audience.

Campaign Execution:


1. Content Strategy

The strategy was designed to create highly engaging content with increased relevance to the target audience that was interested in the whole healthcare industry per se. A few pivotal points of the strategy are-

  • Moderate to high posting frequency
  • Highly relevant content
  • All types of posts- Gifs, Statics, Reels, Videos
  • Visually attractive graphics
  • Amplification of USPs and recognitions of the Hosptial

2. Content Bucket

The content strategy was the foundation of the overall theming that was done for the Healthcare behemoth. Hence, an automatic demand to generate a highly content bucket was generated and fulfilled with appropriate content. Here is what the content bucket looked like- 

  • Awareness Days
  • Topical Days
  • General Awareness of Diseases
  • Events and Programmes

3. Graphics

The content strategy was strongly backed by visually attractive graphics that magnified the purpose of the image copy within it. It was assured that the communication was clear and the message intended for the audience was accurate.

Further, unique concepts for topicals were curated with specialized graphics to refine the brand tone with a touch of premium.

4. Social Media

The goal of the brand was to grow their presence on social media while creating assets for their inhouse campaigns and keeping up with the trends of the market. To achieve this, we did thorough research on the brand to understand their facilities, services and the client’s expectations for their new phase of social media marketing.

We also conducted competitor research to understand what our competitors were doing in the market and to analyze their design and content strategy in order to perfect ours.

5. Doctors are Warriors

A topical campaign was specifically designed for Navratri where we promoted 9 women doctors from the Hospital as warriors like the nine avatars of Maa Durga.

The campaign was a big hit and drove high engagement and organic reach from the online audience. 

6. Linkedin Optimization

The strategy behind posting unique and highly engaging content also included Linkedin as a Social Media Platform. This was to target the professionals on Linkedin working in the Health Care Industry. This actually increased the number of quality job applications to the Hospital.

As a result, a hike of 158% in engagement on Linkedin Posts was recorded.

Overall Growth in Brand Engagement

The way forward for Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

  • A sturdy social media presence will keep on increasing brand awareness for some time.
  • If posting frequency is maintained then organic reach will not diminish
  • A strong social media presence will increase brand recall and loyalty over time.


  • 383% increase in reach on Facebook Page
  • 200% increase in reach on Instagram
  • 158% increase in Engagement on LinkedIn Posts
  • 225% increase in LinkedIn Reactions
Increase in Facebook Page Reach


Increase in Instagram Page Reach


Increase in comments on LinkedIn


Increase in reactions on LinkedIn


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