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About Campus Shoes:

Campus Shoes is India’s largest manufacturer of sports & athleisure footwear brand that was incorporated in 2006. The India footwear mammoth produces some of the finest sports shoes in India that are available via an expansive country wide network of over 15,000 geo-tagged multi-brand retail stores.

Campaign Objective

  • Enhance Digital Presence
  • Server Load Balancing
  • Regularizing Product Feed
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Maintain Payment Gateway
  • Optimize Google Merchant Centre
  • User Satisfaction on the Website

Services Provided:

  • Server Maintenance
  • Load Balancing
  • Product Feed Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Google Merchant Centre Feed Optimization
  • Website Page Feed Optimization
Campaign Strategy


Campus Shoes being one of the largest sports and athleisure footwear manufacturers in India has a strong offline presence in the footwear market with 35+ company-owned outlets pan-India. However, the brand was falling behind in the digital race with a website inadequate to support its huge product catalogue. 

The strategy was to -

  • Balance the load on the server
  • Effectively manage product feed with a detailed description of products
  • Set parameters on the website to optimize the google merchant feed
  • Maintain payment gateways for a smoother user journey
Campaign Execution


1. Product Feed Management

The products displayed on the website were optimized with high-quality images and elaborated descriptions like the size, colour, material etc. This helped in-


  • Increasing User Satisfaction
  • Improving Conversion Rate
  • Increased time spent on the website

2. Conversion Rate Optimization

The whole website feed was optimized with the product feed to give a user the particular information it desired in a wholesome manner. 

It increased user satisfaction and in turn increased the conversion rate optimization.

3. Google Merchant Centre Feed Optimization

The feed quality on Google Merchant Centre depends on the parameters of a product that are set on the website itself. 

An efficient product feed management on the website ensured a smooth business on the Google Merchant Centre with ready details on each product for every type of customer.

4. Payment Gateway Maintenance

The website was integrated with multiple payment gateways to help the customers buy their desired sports shoes in the way they wanted to. 

This also enhanced the overall conversion rate of the website.

5. Server Maintenance


All the client requests were distributed evenly across the capable servers to ensure maximized speed and efficiency. This enhanced the website performance, and speed and reduced the chances of a single server getting overloaded.

Overall Growth in Brand Engagement

The way forward for Campus Shoes:

  • Improved product feed will help the brand in improving user satisfaction 
  • Smoothened payment gateway will help the brand see a higher conversion rate for long
  • An optimized product feed and google merchant feed will produce better ROAS for some time.
  • A fast website will continue to keep a higher user engagement


  • Growth in Sales by 1.39 times
  • Increase in Website Conversion Rate by 71.20%
  • Increase in Search Engine Ranks by 281%
  • Increment in New Visitors by 376%
Growth in Overall Sales


Increase in Website Conversion Rate


Increase in Search Engine Ranks


Increment in New Visitors


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