Cherry Hills

Cherry Hills is a well-known brand for occupancy services that provides the finest solutions

Industry: Interior Designing
About Brand: Cherry Hill is a prominent Pan-India leader in diverse occupancy services, providing full fit-out solutions as well as General Contracting with all related services and IT packages.

    Services Offered:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Generation of organic traffic
  • Increase traffic
  • Keyword Ranking/SEO services

Brand Overview:

Cherry Hills is a well-known brand for occupancy services that provides the finest solutions for consumers by fostering a strong culture of office interior designs. The services for corporate settings are on par with worldwide standards.


The Challenge:

Create a platform with digital marketing services and grow your business with more and higher quality content to increase SEO.

  • Lack of Organic Traffic: Many things might contribute to a rapid decline in organic traffic, including a drop in ranks, changes to your website, decreasing relevance for your content, or Google upgrades. There are other circumstances that no one can completely change. Check the status of your website in Google Search Console. The platform might send you notifications about updates or problems.
  • SEO optimization: The strategy began with an SEO audit of the site. This informs us of the key parts of the website that want development. Then investigate more about their competition and audience. The website needs SEO adjustments and integrations. As a result, we direct our content strategy around their key offerings. We develop a content plan based on their target demographic, including keyword-rich, interesting material to drive traffic to their website.

The Objective:

Our objective was to increase traffic at the lowest feasible cost while attaining the greatest results imaginable. We began by researching their requirements and acquiring a detailed understanding of their target audience and consumers. Based on this, we created ideal keywords that would eventually drive organic traffic to their website.

The Solution:

To develop a brand reputation and sales performance by creating a creative network of digital communication, recognition, and association. We provided various solutions:

  • Improve the keyword search: Include relevant keywords in your text at all times. Keywords should be utilized organically, not so heavily that they detract from the core topic or distract the reader. Keywords should be used throughout the material, such as the meta description, page title, URL, headers, and a few times throughout the text. Paid search, social networking, and display advertisements may all be effective ways to enhance website traffic. When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, it's crucial to start with one campaign and a few distinct ad groups that include the keywords you want to target the most. Examine how audiences react to various terms. Perhaps one term produced simply impressions, which did not improve website traffic, whilst another produced clicks and conversions.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Small changes to elements of your website are frequently used in search engine optimization (SEO). These modifications may appear to be small gains when evaluated alone, but when coupled with other optimizations, they may have a significant influence on your site's user experience and performance in organic search results. Google is a completely automated search engine that employs web crawlers to continually traverse the online, seeking for sites to add to our index; you typically don't need to do anything other than publishing your site on the web.
  • Influencer Marketing: After reviewing the social media sites, we completed the influencer marketing activities that will take place on all social media platforms and even on the blogs of multiple Influencers with a high number of followers. We ultimately connected with three key influencers at the time, who offered us content and marketing opportunities on their websites in the form of static articles, stories, short cinematographic videos, and blog posts.
  • Website Engagement: Website engagement is defined as a brand's ability to impress and retain its customers' or users' mindshare. It is about assessing if your users find any value by measuring activities like downloads, clicks, and shares, among other things. It has a lot to do with using the user's time productively at multiple touchpoints to their advantage. Customers that have a great experience on your website are more likely to become loyal. User engagement occurs when visitors to your website value your content enough to stay, consume, and convert. Most significantly, when user interaction is great, your audience will grow more loyal.

The Results:

It boosted the web, value, and belief among users and expressed a product's strength via superb digital marketing. It created a user's brand identification, value, and belief while also expressing a product's strength.

  • Increased the website Traffic: Repurposing outdated material is an excellent strategy to overcome this barrier. Using previously successful content will continue to generate visitors to your site. Using your current readers and customers to generate traffic to your website is a terrific place to start. When you publish a new blog or content offer, you may quickly increase traffic by promoting it to your followers/subscribers. Repeat readership is beneficial for traffic objectives, conversions, and lead generation on content-heavy websites.
  • Improvised Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is essential for interior design since it allows us to reach out to our clients in new ways. They can communicate with us on their phones or tablets whether or not we are in front of our computers. They may learn about upcoming concerts or product activations via social media outlets. Digital marketing has been demonstrated to be one of the most successful tools for attracting customers. It offers its consumers a choice of alternatives and readily leads from all around the world where there are significant user communities. Having a strong web presence is essential for any interior designer.
  • Improved Keyword Search: If you're an interior designer, the first thing you should do with SEO is conduct keyword research. This is the foundation of almost everything you will do, and it provides you with the specific search phrases you may target to increase traffic to your website. This also benefits the clientele. Including your keywords in important locations on a page increases your chances of ranking for that term. Try to incorporate your keywords in natural areas.
  • Improved the organic traffic: Organic traffic refers to users that arrive at your website from unpaid channels, i.e., free traffic. Organic traffic builds website credibility and has higher conversion rates than bought traffic since organic searches have more intent. Organic traffic has a very high ROI because it is semi-permanent in nature, as opposed to sponsored advertisements. This may be accomplished by optimizing your content for your viewers rather than search engines. Regularly publish high-quality articles, use long-tail keywords, Include meta tags and internal links and make use of social media.


Using our experience in services such as digital marketing, SEO Optimization, improved keyword search, and generation of organic traffic, we were able to produce suitable brand awareness and conversions for the company. Some of the highlights include:
Increment in site traffic


Improvement in search results


Increase in


Increase in New Visitors


Increased impression


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