Elofic Air Purifier

The company specializes in infiltration, and its air purifiers employ cutting-edge filtering technology.

Industry: Filtration
About Brand: Elofic Air Purifiers is an industry leader with many years of dedication in the filtration business and is one of India's most reputable Automotive Filter Manufacturing firms. The company employs cutting-edge filtering technology in its air purifiers.

    Services Offered:
  • Branding Techniques
  • Increase Sales on the website
  • Increase traffic
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Brand Overview:

The company specializes in infiltration, and its air purifiers employ cutting-edge filtering technology. They don't cut corners for filtering quality, and advanced filtering technology powers their air purifiers. Their experienced and talented engineering and research and development teams guarantee that every piece of product created is excellent and incredibly efficient for their consumers.


The Challenge:

Create a platform with digital marketing services and develop your brand with more and better quality content to increase the sales of Elofic air purifiers.

  • Increase Traffic on the website: Organic traffic generated through targeted results is critical for the website. Users who visit search engines have a specific aim, and when the search results give the correct solutions to the visitors, they are more likely to buy the product, and sales objectives can be boosted.
  • Keyword Ranking in the search results: Your web page's search rating can only be improved by continuing commercial success in organic traffic and page ranking. Consequently, it is critical to understand your specific position before boosting the search results. If you rank your website organically, it will be difficult for your rivals to outperform you on search engines, which necessitates using the most relevant and correct keywords.
  • Attracting new users to the website: The website must receive organic traffic from unpaid sources/search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. As technology advances, most people will utilize search engines to locate the goods and services they seek. As a result, you must have a robust and trustworthy internet presence for consumers to find your company's products and services.

The Objective:

Our goal was to boost traffic at the lowest possible cost while achieving the best possible outcomes. We began by analyzing their needs and gaining a thorough grasp of their target group and consumers. We developed optimal keywords that would eventually deliver organic traffic to their website based on this.

The Solution:

We provided the brand with various solutions:

  • Optimizing the keywords: Organic SEO does not necessitate a large investment, and it does not entail purchasing pricey tools and programmes to analyze keywords, spin content, or establish automatic links. When you take the time to figure out what works for the websites you compete against in the SERPs, you can advance your analysis and learn why this tactic is beneficial before implementing this information into your strategy. Finding your competitors' best-performing sites is a fantastic place to start since it will give you an idea of where their organic traffic is coming from and what is driving it.
  • Make cornerstone pages: Innovative cornerstone content is also an excellent method to increase your search profile and develop brand recognition. There's a reasonable probability that your website has a lot of pages that are just tangentially linked to the same subject or keyword. The title tag should be a summary of the content of your page, and no two title tags should ever be identical. To construct a title tag that will enhance your page's organic search rating, keep it around 70 characters long, with the most relevant or primary keywords near the beginning. If you aim to increase your brand authority, it's also a good idea to add your brand keyword.
  • Improved branding techniques: Influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies to promote your company and raise awareness online. It entails collaborating with producers who share your brand's messaging and pushing items through their platforms. Affiliate marketing, like influencers, will promote your products by posting them on their blogs, social media platforms, and websites, among other places. The affiliate is paid every time someone clicks on their unique link to make a purchase or sign up for anything. When done successfully, both parties benefit: your firm makes more money, and the affiliate earns a lot of money from their marketing efforts.

The Results:

The results are an essential component of the solutions provided. This enables a single person to decide if the problems have been resolved or whether a new check is necessary.

  • Increased traffic on the website: The traffic to the websites rose due to the use of the SEO method and unique keywords. New users could access the website and make purchases. New users not only associate with the brand but also leave user-friendly ratings and comments. When connecting to anything in your post, both externally and internally, attempt to utilize versions of target keywords related to the page you're sending readers to, rather than squandering an SEO boost by linking to something like, click here. We also performed various SEO improvements and integrations to increase search engine visibility. We then built quality backlinks using Web 2.0, guest posting, infographic submission, and other methods to gain backlinks from high DA and PA domains.
  • Brand recognition and increased sales: Outline your customer personas, so you know exactly who you're marketing to with your company. To raise awareness among individuals in your target audience, conduct keyword research to uncover themes that appear to be the most popular and significant. Produce high-quality content that digs deeply into the subject matter and provides substance. Check whether the range includes viewpoints and insights from research or an industry leader, rather than just a rehash of everything else available online. This will help boost the sales of the Elofic Air Purifiers.


The goal was to increase brand identification, brand awareness, and keyword search optimization in order to develop a group of loyal and repeat consumers.
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