Faces Canada

An SEO case study on how the Canadian beauty brand improved website traffic and visibility.

Industry: Beauty+Cosmetics
About Brand: Faces Canada is a 40-year old Canadian cosmetics brand. It sells affordable yet high-quality makeup and skincare products.

    Services Offered:
  • Content strategy
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Keyword Research
  • Seo Audit
  • SEO backlinking

Brand Overview:

Faces Canada is a leading beauty and makeup brand, and it entered the Indian market in 2009. Ever since, the brand has worked hard on building a product portfolio that is suited to Indian skin and can be used for their various needs. It is no surprise that the company has a diverse range of products that can be used for casual outings and formal or glamorous occasions. These products are manufactured in Italy, Germany, and Turkey and are available in over 140 cities in India. Nearly 1500 retail outlets and major e-commerce portals also sell Faces Canada’s quality products.

The Challenge:

Beauty products and makeup are among the most purchased products online today. A direct consequence of that is the highly competitive beauty industry as far as search engine rankings are concerned.

The opportunity to create qualified leads, build brand awareness, and generate actual sales online for beauty brands is much higher. However, these brands need to have a top SEO strategy for qualified organic traffic.

Faces Canada was facing a challenge in this area. The brand was unable to rank very high for relevant keywords and was also not entirely pleased with the quality of its organic traffic. It also noticed repeat traffic and not many new website visits. All this was heavily affecting the brand’s digital presence and relevance.

The Objective:

The Solution:

We were aware that Faces Canada was a well-known brand but suffered from digital irrelevance. We deduced that the brand needed a complete SEO rehaul because that would significantly impact their ranking and visitors.

We followed a strategy that involved an SEO audit, keyword research (including those of competitors), setting up a new keyword architecture, a content plan based on the keywords we identified, building quality backlinks to high PA and DA websites.

The SEO audit

To draw up a customized solution, we needed to understand where the website failed. So, we usually conduct an SEO audit of about 30 pages that includes:

  • Site structure and page speed- your website structure must make the most of your links, and it should load fast for a positive user experience.
  • Index management- if your site can’t be indexed, users won’t see it!
  • Internal linking- it may seem pedestrian but can be very powerful if used correctly.
  • Duplicate content- can kill the user experience.
  • Internal redirects- those are a waste of crawl budget!

We found several issues in these areas and decided to work on those.

Keyword research and architecture

Poor keywords were one of the reasons why Faces Canada was not able to draw relevant traffic. So, we compiled our list of relevant and high-ranking keywords. We also checked with the brand on what their seed keywords were.

Next, we also analyzed competitors’ websites and looked at the keywords they were ranking for. We looked for a few things like:

  • Page layout
  • Content length
  • Which pages were ranking higher (home/category/product/inner)?
  • The purpose of the page and its intent
  • The strength of the domains
  • Monetization

Based on what we found, we could define a new architecture for the website. This included much of what users are currently searching for.

We made a list of a few topic clusters with similar topics through this. We identified primary and secondary issues and shortlisted keywords that we wanted to rank on the first page for.

We also categorized them based on how they might help the brand. So we split them into:

  • Revenue generating keywords- those that could drive traffic to review websites (affiliates)
  • Generic keywords- those that were related to different aspects of the products
  • Questions- those that raised questions about the products (how can I use (xyz), what is (xyz), etc.)
  • Info keywords- those that strictly provided information to the users (pros and cons, benefits, and so on).
  • We also linked this to the brand's overall marketing strategy, especially for paid ads.

Content strategy

We know that good keywords, backlinks, and a comprehensive content strategy befitting the user’s search intent can win any brand half the battle. So, we focused on designing a content strategy that involved enough long-form and multimedia content related to the keyword topics.

This content strategy involved the creation of blog posts, the submission of guest posts, infographics, and so on.


This step had to be the icing on the cake. Linking to relevant websites that produce quality content is of utmost importance and can significantly improve your website’s ranking. We did just that. But before we proceeded with this step, we made sure to revamp the existing content.

We did so for the simple reason that no high-ranking website wants to link back to poor quality content or barely any content. And the results are for everyone to see.

The Results:


Impressions shot up
Within the first few months, the website received more than 56,000 impressions. This helped increase organic traffic by a neat 100%.

Keywords on first page of SERP


Jump in unique visitor traffic


Increases organic traffic


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