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Generating Quality Leads for a Multinational IT Solutions Giant | Information Technology

About Hitachi Systems:

Today's global technology leader was originally founded in 1991 as ‘Micro Clinic’ in India that provided basic IT services to corporate enterprises. Hitachi's acquisition of it in 2014 led to an expansion of its horizons making it a leading provider of integrated IT solutions throughout the world.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Generate Quality Leads
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Product Awareness
  • Brand Awareness
  • Improve Sales

Services Provided:

  • Landing Page
  • Microsite Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Traffic Generation
  • PPC Ads Management
Campaign Strategy


Hitachi Systems India required a high influx of quality leads for its recent collaboration with Hewlett Packard in order to sell HP's devices in India via its website. And so, a suitable digital marketing roadmap was laid out to generate quality for their new venture with HP. The strategy included-

  • Segregation of Products into Individual Ad Groups
  • Redesigning Landing Pages for each Ad Group with Discounts and Offers on Products
  • Creating PPC Search Ads that complemented the Campaign Theme

The ads were run for a precisely defined target audience waiting at the Bottom-of-the-funnel to be converted into sales, hence generating quality leads for Hitachi.

Campaign Execution:

1. Campaign Structure

The Campaign Structure was designed according to the Hewlett-Packard servers that were to be sold via Hitachi’s website. One Ad Group was created for each different model of HP servers and so particular keywords related to an individual product were selected and incorporated into the respective Ad Group. 

The Ad Group was then linked to a special landing page designed for each separate HP server model that contained banners displaying discounts on the particular product.

The customer that reached the product’s landing page was satisfied after clicking on an advertisement for that product.




2. The Keywords that Sell

All the pre-existing ads that were run by Hitachi were called down and research for industry-specific keywords that related to the devices was performed.

Consequently, a fresh set of keywords relating to specific Hewlett-Packard products was incorporated into the individual ad groups to bring quality leads to their respective landing pages. The landing pages were already flourishing with discount offers on those products.

This keyword strategy was to include informational keywords to fully describe the products to quality leads at the Bottom-of-the-funnel.


3. One Ad Group, One Product

The strategy was to guide interested customers after clicking on an ad for a product, to go to an individual landing page for that product. For this purpose, Hitachi System's landing pages for every product were redesigned and were linked to the respective ad groups that targeted interested customers present at the Bottom-of-the-Funnel.


Concisely, this is how it went-

  • Designed separate landing pages for each product 
  • Special Discount Offers were placed at the Header and Footer of each landing page
  • A Personal Information Form was placed at the top to generate quality leads
  • A highly Informative Product Description was incorporated for user satisfaction


4. Themed Ad Copy

The Ad Copy was crafted to complement the theme of the campaign which was to generate quality leads on the website. Creatives included the offered discounts on the Hewlett-Packard devices that engaged the audience from the very beginning and resulted in producing quality leads with a high conversion rate.

In toto, the Ad Copy for particular products carried the keywords relating to those products in their headlines to target the right group of customers. This further helped in increasing the quality score of the ads and reducing the CPC bid amount.  


5. Cracking the Right Bidding Strategy

The bidding strategy was two-fold, at first it was designed to attract traffic and hence the bid was set to maximize clicks. Thence, after a few weeks when the data showed that users had started to convert, the second bidding strategy, i.e., to maximize conversions was implemented.

This helped carry the campaign on a natural course and push the customers gradually down the Bottom-of-the-Funnel.



6. Re-marketing completes a Campaign

The plan was simple, target those users who looked interested and visited the website but didn't get converted into sales. A list of such users was prepared and effective remarketing was performed by again showing them ads for the products available on the website.


7. Location- Pin-code Targetting

After a month of observation, an analytical study was conducted to find the cities that showed the most conversion rates. A suitable list of postal codes was prepared and the ads were run in these postal codes for specific targetting and to generate more conversions for Hitachi Systems India.

Overall Growth in Brand Engagement

The Way Forward for Hitachi Systems India:

  • Huge traffic was generated which helped enhance its visibility.
  • Quality leads were generated that improved conversions and sales.
  • Social Media presence was made strong to render increased brand and product awareness.


  • The total increase in generated leads was 2400%
  • Increased Website Traffic by 7.87%
  • Decrement in Cost per Lead by -52%
  • Total Website Views +38000
  • Total MQL Generated 850
  • Total SQL Generted 300
Increase in Lead Generation

+ %

Increment in Website Traffic

+ %

Total Website Views


Decrement in Cost per Lead

- %

MQL Generated

SQL Generated

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