A brand case study describing how they increased their reach, organic traffic, presence in the market & sales

Industry: Electronics
About Brand: Roland Corporation is a world-class Japanese maker of luxurious electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment, and software.

    Services Offered:
  • Blogging
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing

Brand Overview:

Roland is one of the most innovative electronic musical instrument makers. The music produced by these instruments has a long-lasting effect on the listeners. It has catered to a specific niche by offering a variety of items under several brand names. They strive to make instruments loved by people, like pianos, keyboards, etc. Roland Keyboard E-X20 Arranger Keyboard is a good quality, reliable keyboard for children aged 10-15 years.


The Challenge:

The Roland E-X20 Arranger Keyboard is selling poorly due to a lack of brand recognition and strong alliance in the market.

  • Fragmented star power: Even though the brand is the leading manufacturer of its goods, they are not widely recognized in the market. This might be because of a poorly managed online presence and a low ranking in search results. The problem might also be due to insufficient marketing efforts.
  • Failure to close the sale Goal: Even when the website is crammed with blog articles and product information, no one looks at them. All of the efforts are directed toward developing the website and populating it with material no one is reading. Because no one is paying adequate attention to the website, the product's sales objectives are nearly met. To increase sales and reach sales targets, the brand must put in extra hard work and labour.

The Objective:

To build a creative network of digital communication, recognition, and association and establish brand reputation and sales performance.

The Solution:

We provided the brand with various answers:

  • Generating an engaged audience: The most important aspect of a brand's existence is brand recognition. Making consumers aware of the brand and the goods is critical to sales. If no one knows you exist, no one will come to you for your goods and services. The straightforward solution to this challenge is to build an engaged following across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because it is a direct channel for connecting with people, an updated page makes the audience trust the product.
  • Limited awareness: If you're not gaining enough attention from the audience, it's time to draw your swords and make some extra attempts to sell the goods. Invest in targeted commercials to get visibility and make sure they are eye-catching and relevant to the subscriber list. Aside from that, you may select to endorse the items on billboards and hoardings in the city's busiest areas. Market research will inform you of consumer preferences, and you will be able to offer the goods based on their requirements.
  • Influencer marketing: After assessing the problem that the company was experiencing, we contacted Nano and Micro Mother Influencers, who were teaching youngsters aged 10-15 years in the proper direction. Their primary target consisted of parents with children in the aforementioned age range. We finalized the influencer marketing activities that will take place on all social media platforms and even the blogs of numerous Influencers with a large number of followers after evaluating the social media sites on which parents spent their time. We eventually connected with three major influencers at the time, who provided us with content and marketing possibilities on their websites in static articles, tales, short cinematographic movies, and blog entries.
  • Search engine optimization: If you are not appearing on the first or second page of search results, your website's SEO has to be improved. Keywords, titles, meta descriptions, image text, and other criteria all impact SEO rankings. If these areas of your website are not SEO friendly, you will lose a lot of internet visitors. Fortunately, several excellent SEO tools can assist in resolving the issue. SEOmator and SEOptimser are two SEO auditing tools accessible, and these allow you to narrow down your search more rapidly.

The Results:

Results are a critical component of the solutions supplied. This allows one person to determine if the problems have been fixed or whether a new check is required.

  • Increased Traffic on the website: The number of visits to the website has grown dramatically due to the inclusion of exciting content and SEO optimization. The website's exposure has grown, and it appears that it will continue to rise with fresh material. The search results are improving, and the number of return consumers has increased.
  • Recognition of the Brand: Influencer marketing has paved the road for a good market reputation with high recognition, affiliation, and customers' beliefs. Hoardings and billboards have also contributed to the brand's improved product sales. As evidenced by customer evaluations and feedback, the consumer is a devoted shopper.

    Sales have increased dramatically due to digital marketing across all social media platforms. People are placing orders on Facebook and Instagram as they continue to see the assortment of items. Over 53k interactions were obtained on the posted material, increasing the brand's total media value.

  • Influencer Content and Blogging: Music communicates with us even before we are born. Preliminary research published in the "Music Educators Journal" in 1985 discovered that newborns exposed to music before birth had greater attention spans. Influencers easily incorporate their content using Roland E-X20 Arranger Keyboard, increasing gross sales.


We were able to generate appropriate brand awareness and conversions for the business by using our experience in services such as blogging, content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO. Some of the highlights are as follows:
Increment in site traffic


Improvement in search results


Increase in


Increase in search results


Influencers Content

Influencers seamlessly integration of the product into their usual content

We're breaking the monotony.. in a cool fun way!! 😍

Music is to the soul what words are to the mind. Eshaan has a penchant for music and I encourage him to play as many instruments as possible. He is great with the guitar but keyboard is what has formed his base. Roland E-X20 keywords have some amazing features which my son is liking already. - it gives us an authentic piano sounds - it has 647 tones and 128 voices - can record 10 songs and has 140 internal songs - you can even record your creation As it is summer time, kids love to try out new things and this new keyboard is keeping him engaged. He is downloading stuff from YouTube and recording his songs and more. In my family my both kids are into music. Honestly, this is an amazing way for them to bond over. Music really helps my family to connect with each other.

Moms, you should watch this video if your kid is addicted to mobile and TV.

Music is magic. Besides being a great hobby, it could also be a powerful emotional experience for your child. . My daughter loves her keyboard, almost everything about her keyboard fascinates her. She has stories to tell me as soon as she is back from her music class.

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