Redesigning Website to Increase Online Presence, User Experience, & Scalability | Education & Healthcare

Industry: Education & Healthcare
About Vivo Healthcare: Vivo, as a leading healthcare training and education center, believes that real outcomes are crafted with the quality training process and that’s why they are involved in catering a world-class job-oriented training program to the students. Additionally, they offer life, safety, and health support programs for schools, healthcare providers, and corporations. The complete bundle of practical and theoretical skills training programs will surely help someone save someone’s life.

    Services Offered:
  • Brand integration and development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Lead Generation
  • Prototype wireframing
  • Technical SEO
  • Web Development
  • Website Traffic

Campaign Objective:

  • Elevate Online Presence
  • Declutter Website
  • Easy to Navigate Web Pages
  • Website Development
  • Brand Awareness
  • Top-Of-The-Mind Recall

Campaign Strategy:

Vivo Healthcare was stuck with an outdated website - having primary usability problems and lacked cohesion with the brand values.

To cater to the same, we began to redesign their website with the aim to elevate their online presence for global outreach.

Our primary target included:

  • De-clutter the website
  • Offer a hassle-free to the visitors while exploring their services
  • Educate on available courses
  • Design an appealing website
  • Drive leads and conversion

Performing Research:

  • Service Research & Definition
  • Competitor & Structure Research
  • A sitemap was planned according to Vivo’s requirement

Creating a Blueprint:

  • Finalizing Pages, Banners, Sections, and Forms
  • Designing 2-D Homepage & About Us Page with Figma

Decorating a Wireframe:

  • A two-dimensional frame was built on Balsamiq
  • The home page and about us page were planned according to the intended interaction
  • Placement of buttons & forms on the main pages
  • Space allocation for content
  • Placement of intended behaviors

Laying Down the Wireframing Prototype

With all the goals clearly outlined before us, we put together a strategy that will help us reach the targeted audience. The team created various wireframe prototypes, complete with website flow that will be completed with the website content. Thus, we restructured the course pages with career growth knowledge, placement information, images, and a powerful call to action. Another segment was to build the admissions form. We added a sign-up option for the new users and the login alternative for the existing ones. It made the segment more scalable and visually appealing for the audience.

Structural UI/UX Development

A series of design discussions with Vivo led to a select family of fonts, color combinations and custom-designed icons. The intention was to create a seamlessly navigable website where a user would be pushed to discover more by himself. A clear business goal determined our strategy to craft a website that included real-time data analytics, custom icons and animations and an intuitive user experience for maximum customer conversion. An exquisite design theme was adopted to further these goals with maximum impact on user experience while navigating the website.

Frontend & Backend Development

With the prototype in place, the team began placing the visual design layout in order. The majority of the design segment involved aligning the visual appearance and the look & feel in accordance with Vivo Healthcare. We implemented user-friendly fonts, latest typography, and rich colors to reflect all the programs and courses offered by the brand. Webpages were designed as dynamic pages with the help of PHP, HTML and CSS. Thereafter, custom plugins were placed as per the brand's requirements.

Schema Markup

To deliver better ranking for the brand, our SEO experts performed Schema Markup, to help the search engines understand the information on the website better. Schema markup powers rich snippets, which often have higher clickthrough rates than 'regular' search results. That means more traffic to the website. Creative work was incorporated within the vocabulary using different language codes such as Microdata, RDFa, etc.

Improving Website Speed & Technical SEO

We enhanced the speed of the website through fast hosting, and a fast DNS system. Use of HTTP requests was minimized to keep the use of plugins and scripts to a minimum. We utilized secure SSL to create an encrypted link between the web browser and the server. The website was made responsive by focusing on the mobile-first approach to indexing content to enhance its technical SEO value.

Final Testing & Launching of the Website

After all the programming was in place and the content was added and connected to the website, we conducted final testing on multiple devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets. They were run through various browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more to verify its functionality and operating speed. A detailed training was provided to the client on managing the updates, editing, and deletion of images, data, content, and other aspects. Further, it was launched with the client-server seamlessly.


  • Reached 12 Million People with the improved website
  • Created a visually attractive and responsive website
  • Digitally transformed the online presence of Vivo Healthcare into an engaging, vibrant, & healthy experience
  • Increased the number of new and returning visitors
  • Boost in training programs via website
Increase in Session Duration

+ %

Decrease in the overall Bounce Rate


Increase in Conversion Rate

+ %

Increase in Lead Generation


Increment in Traffic


Increase in New Visitors


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