After a long testing period and the release of Mobile-First Index Guidelines in its prior stage, Google has finally rolled out Mobile-First Index for the websites to have easy search.

Why it got introduced?

Previously, the crawling, indexing, ranking systems were using the desktop version which was a problem for mobile searchers as both the versions were vastly different. But, with the advent of Mobile-First index, Google will use the mobile version of page for indexing and ranking.

The new adjacent developments

Since Google was using one single index for search results, the desktop version was getting indexed when searched in mobile. The Sites that are migrating to mobile-first will be notified via Search Console. The site owners will observe an increase in crawl rate from Smartphone Googlebot. Moreover, the Search Results and Google cached pages will depict the mobile version of pages.


More on indexing

The developer documentation of Google contains the info about how sites with responsive web design are set for mobile-first indexing. Besides for the AMP and non-AMP pages, the mobile version will be indexed for Non-AMP pages. But, there has been no inkling of ranking for content in mobile-first indexing. But, all the more the webmasters are encouraged to use content that is mobile-friendly.

In a Nutshell

  • Indexing has no relation with ranking unlike that of mobile-friendly assessment.
  • It would be helpful for businesses who want better results with mobile search.
  • Even content that is not mobile-friendly will be shown if Google determines it is relevant enough.
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