Google announced to end the support of Third-party cookies in its chrome browser by 2022, same as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox did before. Google is also promoting its “Privacy Sandbox” which is a new initiative of targeting the audience in a privacy-friendly manner.

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As Per Google:

In August, we announced a new initiative (known as Privacy Sandbox) to develop a set of open standards to fundamentally enhance privacy on the web. Our goal for this open source initiative is to make the web more private and secure for users, while also supporting publishers. Today, we’d like to give you an update on our plans and ask for your help in increasing the privacy of web browsing.

Group Targeting

Google released some results in their study testing the use of audience cohorts. It may be, the use with the same browsing history will be targeted together rather than individually. Based on its Federated Learning of Cohorts API, Google was able to show that targeting interest-based cohorts would perform significantly better than random user groupings.

Group Targeting
Image source – Google

Google Expressed:

[A] cohort assignment algorithm presents us with a privacy-utility trade-off: the more users share a cohort id, the harder it is to use this signal to derive individual user’s behavior from across the web. On the other hand, a large cohort is more likely to have a diverse set of users, thus making it harder to use this information for fine-grained ads personalization purposes. An ideal cohort assignment is one that generates cohorts by grouping together a large number of users interested in similar things.

Google will continue to keep everyone posted on the efforts made by the company to increase privacy in the web browsing

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