YouTube previously announced that it was making changes on how creators can apply to have a Verification badge and what the requirements will be. So, YouTube this week gave an update on this process that includes an overall view of how you can get a verification badge for your channel.

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Firstly, so as to qualify for a YouTube Verification badge, you need to have a minimum of 100k subscribers on your channel. This is the first requirement in the verification process. Secondly, once you get to the 100k subscribers then you will need to fill out this form so as to apply for the verification. The form will not be available to you if you don’t have 100k subscribers. Once, done with the form, YouTube will process your application which includes analysis of two main elements.

Explanation By YouTube

First is the “channel authenticity”

Your channel needs to represent the creator brand that has been producing all of this great content for so long. We might ask for additional documentation or information to verify that it’s really you.

Second is the completion of the profile, your channel should be public and it must include a description, channel icon, and videos so as to meet the requirements of the official. Once you fulfill all these requirements then you can be verified on YouTube which therefore will add more to your channel authenticity and authority. YouTube also states that there are no other tools or functions to verify users.

Statement By YouTube

This does not represent an award, it doesn’t provide you with extra product features, there’s really nothing else that you get other than the badge itself.


Along with this YouTube also states that it can take away the verification badge of the channel seems to be copying something or somebody else, or whether it changes the name of the channel, in that case, you need to apply again. Verification mark can help users to find your official channel and they do bring up a sense of authority but it’s not essential, so you don’t have to be demotivated if you do not fulfill the requirements.

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