American technological company Google’s payment arm Tez is now planning to diversify into merchant payments strongly. It has already partnered with multiple billers and telecom companies, and is now planning to target small merchants and street corner stores to popularize the app for merchant payments.

Views of Diana Layfield

“We are currently targeting the smaller merchants to get them to use Tez, we are currently also working on integrating our systems with larger merchants,” said Diana Layfield, vice-president, product management at Google.

“Even NPCI is making some improvements on its integration with the merchants. Once that is done we will build our merchant integrations aggressively as well.”

Tez Adopted for Various other Use

Tez, which had at first grabbed unequivocally through peer-to-peer transactions, is currently gradually getting received for different other utilize cases also.

“There has been a 400% rise in the average ticket size of transactions on Tez and it is getting used now for rent payments, splitting of restaurant bills among others,” Layfield said

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