Bengaluru police conducted a surprise search at the office of Indian cab aggregator Ola and seized electronic Devices that also included hard disk drives. The base of this surprise check is allegations that the company is playing songs in its cabs that are illegally downloaded and without the required permission. The check has been conducted at several places in Bengaluru and police has also seized few of the company’s cab.


Copyright infringement has been filed against Ola

A case of copyright infringement has been filed by Lahari Recording Co against Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola, and Ankit Bhati, chief technical officer at Ola.


Both of them would be arrested if they fail to appear

Police officer said that, “We have documented all the songs which were playing. The notice has been issued to both the accused to show their copyrights on each song. Both accused didn’t turn up on notice and we will wait for some more time. If they fail to appear, we will arrest them and produce before the court”.


Lawyers said Company didn’t do anything wrong

According to Luthra & Luthra, Ola’s lawyer, company didn’t do anything wrong and stated in a release that, “It appears that the management of Ola has been dragged into this issue with a malafide intention. We are confident that our client will stand vindicated of these allegations. Our client is sensitive to their rights as well as that of others. We have taken appropriate legal steps to protect our client’s interests and the matter is now before the courts”.


Lahari filed complaint against Ola

Lahari had registered a complaint last month against the company on the basis that Ola Play feature that was introduced by the company had violated it’s copyrights. It said that, the songs which are made available to the customers by Ola is without any permission, consent and licence from the company. Additionally he said that, “Ola is earning illegal profits out of our copyrighted works”.


Ola Play Feature drive loss for Lahari

Lahari Velu said that, “I booked an Ola cab to go to the airport and that is when I found that without attaining any music rights they were using songs from Baahubali and other films for their Ola Play feature. This is resulting in a loss of over Rs 6 crore for our company.”

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