Mark Zuckerberg has been very specific in increasing more ‘civic engagement’ and ‘community inclusion’ on their platform. And this could be prompted with the help of events going around various communities. This will make people aware of what is going in their neighbourhood.


About Events App

This app has been renamed as the ‘Facebook Local’, that will be showing local events, reunions as well as bars, restaurants and other attractions around the user’s area. The user will also be able to see what their friends are doing and there is also an option that will show what events are coming up in specified locations. The user can even filter the restaurants and bars of his choice.

‘Events’ in Focus

Facebook is always focussing on the events. They added ‘Camera Effects’ and also introduced ‘City Guides’ that will help attract users in learning about attractions of particular locations. They even added the Events tab within the main function bar.


An advantage to advertisers

Though this is an entirely different app which the users might be reluctant to download but it could be a great help to the brands who are looking for brand awareness especially for the local business who want to grab a prospective audience.

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