Facebook is in a frenzy these days with their regular updates and new features coming over their platform or under testing mode. Let’s check out some the exciting features detected this week.


  1. Video Watch Indicator: This is about their video platform where they are constantly trying out with better viewer experience. The latest update shows the user how much of the video has been seen by the user and to help them restart from there.


  1. Tab for New Events: Facebook is adding an event tab in its function bar for some users. This addition will boost more user engagement in the real world events.


  1. Create Ads:

This is an interesting option for marketers included in the drop down menu which will allow them to “Create Similar Ads”. Clicking on the option would provide the advertisers the information as why the ads were created. It will be good tool to compete against your competitors.


  1. Viewer Indicators: This is a new indicator on the video posts of the users which shows their audience count.

This would then in targeting Promotions for those Pages. This is a kind of proactive targeting where marketers can bring about more audience with right strategies.

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