Facebook is all going afresh with its new video platform named ‘Watch’. Facebook believes that their new strategy at hand would bring more original content and will give a cut throat competition to Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

What will Watch be like?

It will be a more structured version than the one from the last year. It will offer suggestions about new shows that your friends or groups are enjoying.


The exciting part

There will be different sections like ‘Most Talked About,’ which shows the spark conversation, ‘What’s Making People Laugh, which will display those that will provide ‘HaHa’ reaction, and ‘What Friends Are Watching,’ to let you connect your community and friends.

Real-time opinions will pop-up when the user is actually viewing the video for you to feel involved in the conversation.


What is Facebook providing in its tab?

It will include a video slot of National Geographic, a comedy-cooking show, Mike Rowe show and Women’s basketball shows. Facebook is also in talks with individual creators focussing on their agenda “find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money.”

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