You Tube previously announced about its new in-stream chat option to involve more users and encourage more activity.


Initial stages of Testing and its Current Status

This functionality was getting tested at Canada, since Canadians seem to share more video online. But, now after some technical manipulations it could be used by both Android and iOS users where they can chat as well as share content simultaneously.


About the Chat Feature

The shared videos and chats are available via a “Shared” tab given in the app. The chat system will have all the functionalities like a group and emoji and can even share links other than that of You Tube.

How to Start a Chat

Firstly, the user needs to invite friends via SMS or by sending an invitation link through another social media platform.

It could also be shared within a Facebook Group message or Twitter.


What You Tube said on their New Feature

“We’ve made changes to the chat visual, and we’ve made the video stick to the top of the chat when scrolling down, to allow replying and chatting while watching a video”.


Some Drawbacks and Challenges

Though You Tube holds a 1.5 billion viewers with mobile users in particular, those users are more into sharing and discussing links rather than chatting.

You Tube will have to work hard to gain more users on their platform as 2 billion are on Facebook within which 1.2 billion use Messenger and a billion uses WhatsApp every day.

It still has some market potential where relevant users can send links or a video content to potential audience.

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