Hanold’s view on Indian customers
“Indian customers are holding us to what this team has accomplished in such a short time. I want the rest of Amazon to be modeled on this. I cannot imagine that we will look back in time when we would think we had invested too much in India,” Hanold said.


Amazon’s investment in Indian market

The retailer has invested billions of dollars in the Indian market and has also narrowed the economic gap with retail giant Flipkart.


Seller Flex
Seller Flex is one of the successful innovations by Amazon. It allows a seller to make their location available for Amazon to help them to get a additional steam of revenue.


Amazon App

Amazon’s seller app has tools and features which help sellers to do the inventory management and logistics better. “These are India specific tools that we built for sellers to help manage business more effectively. Now, we are rolling this out to other markets including the US,” said Hanold.


India as the development center

There are two R&D Divisions of Amazon in India one is for its global research and other one which particularly works for India ecommerce portal.  Together, India has become the second-largest development center for the company.

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