Quora introduces 3 new targeting options for the advertisers on the Q&A platform which are as follows:

  1. Gender Targeting:

    A company that produces gender-oriented products, this option enables them to spend their money on their target audiences. According to the company, this option will boost up the conversion rate. This option is located under the Demographic Targeting.

Quora gender targeting
Quora Gender Targeting

Image Source: Marketing Land

     2. Browser Targeting:

The company already offers the advertisers to target by mobile or desktop, but now users can target ad set to a specific desktop browser such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This option is much useful for a software company that designs products for a specific browser.

    3. Targeting Keyword History:

This option is the mixture of existing feature keyword targeting and question retargeting. the advertiser can reach to those audiences who show an interest in the type of business based on the keywords used.

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