Facebook has always been engaged in introducing new features on-board to engage the users completely over its platform. The recent being the use of 360 photos for the cover image. The News Feed section has also introduced the feature of Memory Reminders to share content easily.


Here are the five of those updates.

  1. Find your colleagues: Finding school friends has always been easy, but the new option allows the user to use a clickable link that lists the people from a certain workplace.


Now, the user can add new colleagues and alumni. This link only works on the mobile app.


  1. Verified Pages: This feature was particularly seen in Facebook owned WhatsApp to verify pages for businesses. The pages that are verified will get a green tick above the page. The verification is based on business phone number or a contact info.



  1. The ‘Top Live’ option: This option has been made available to some of the iOS users. It is displayed in Function menu which will basically display the good-quality and live content based on user’s preferences.
  2. Facebook TV: These are TV shows that will be aired by them this week which includes shows like Business Insider’s ‘The Great Cheese Hunt’, Attn’s ‘Health Hacks’ and few reality shows. The same kind of trend has also been followed by YouTube and Amazon.
  3. Adding camera effect: “Use Camera Effect” has been seen on some event pages which will prompt the user to create their own video mask or overlay.

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