Users who run AdSense ads on the websites and have AdSense for Search, where you make use of Google Adsense for monetizing your search results, Google may begin to display Shopping Ads in those search results. There is no requirement of any code changes on your part and it will begin on 20th August 2020.

Google States The Uses 

  • Users can enhance the engagement on websites by helping buyers find the products they are looking out for by providing relevant information like pictures, promotions, and price.
  • Users can try out the shopping ads in the AFS ad units without even re-tagging the website.
  • Users can get higher RPMs by displaying shopping ads on relevant queries.

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If you use AdSense for Search you will be enrolled on 20th July 2020 automatically and then you will have 30 days to opt-out. For more details on Adsense for Search, you can check out AdSense for Search help document.


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