American electronic commerce company Amazon has claimed that Its India unit had faster growth than its domestic rival Flipkart. Both the e-commerce company said their e-commerce businesses grew sharply in the three months ended September.

Growth in Business by Flipkart and Amazon

Flipkart said its e-commerce business grew at about 85% year-on-year in terms of gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the July-September quarter, whereas Amazon India said that it registered 72% year-on-year growth in terms of gross merchandise sold (GMS) for the September quarter.

However, Flipkart’s investor Naspers said that the company grew at 43% year-on-year in the six months from April to September, giving ammunition to Amazon India’s claim of faster growth at 66% for the six-month period.

Growing much faster than the Market

An Amazon India executive, however, insisted that the global e-commerce giant’s India unit was “growing much faster than the market and grew 1.5 times more than Flipkart” between April and September.

He further said that “Our expansion charter continues in India and we will continue to be in the investment phase in India, be it creating new services or improving technology. We are focused on the same parameters that we were last year.”

Great Indian Festival sale saw high-value items

Amazon India, which facilitated its initially Prime Day deal in July, said its Great Indian Festival sale this year saw high-esteem things, for example, cell phones and large appliances offering more. The cell phone class is pegged to develop at 42% this year. In the June quarter, Flipkart’s share of the smartphone category dropped to 50% from 57% in the March quarter, while Amazon India’s share of the category rose to 33% from 27% in the same period.

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