After years of secretly working on car project, Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly come up with the company’s insight in the field of automotive market.


What Cook said about AI projects

Cook said in an interview that, “We’re focusing on autonomous systems. It’s a core technology that we view as very important”. He compared the project to “mother of all AI projects” and told that it is one of the most ambitious and difficult AI project to work on.


Possibility of self driving cars drive changes in industry
As per McKinsey, the possibility of self-driving car has seen a huge number of tech-based organizations push into the genre of auto industry. Waymo unit has associated with Fiat Chrysler Auto mobiles and Lyft to build up the innovation. What’s more, carmakers from BMW to General Motors have opened sizable Silicon Valley offices and committed a huge number of dollars to own independent vehicle startups.


Initially Apple intended to build its own auto car

As per Bloomberg, initially Apple was keen to build its own car, before redirecting it’s efforts to prioritizing the base technology for driverless cars.


Apple has hired team members for Titan
Apple has hired 1000+ engineers to deal with the project Titan, which is the name given to the project internally since it’s inception in 2014.


Cook has never talked about Apple’s plan

High rising costs and number of people working on the project has paved way for Apple’s veteran employee Bob Mansfield being given the charge of the team in the year 2016. Cook has never openly discussed or shared any of the Apple’s plans but the recent public filings have come up that shows snapshots of the company’s efforts in the field.


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