An Indian online grocery store Big Basket has plans to increase the number of women employees at its distribution centres (DC) after a pilot project. Given the success of the project in Pune, it is now planning to roll out in Hyderabad and the NCR.

Hiring Women Pickers   

“Picking and stacking is a male preserve, apart from a few women working in the packaging of fresh produce. After trying various measures to stem attrition, we decided to hire women pickers,” Said TN Hari, Head-HR, Big Basket.

None of the 24 women from the trial batch which were hired in July has quit. Since then the company has added 35 more women to the team. This takes the total number of women employed at the centre to 50% of the total workforce.

Improvement with Drop in Industrial Relation Issues

“Apart from the drop in attrition, the diversity in the workforce also overall atmosphere has improved with a drop in industrial relations issues. These women are from nearby rural areas, supporting their families, so it is not just about good business, but about the social impact as well,” said Hari.

Alongside this, Big Basket is also testing out various automation initiatives which will make it easier for people working at these centres. The company is currently present in 25 cities, some of which have more than one distribution centre.

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