Microsoft has come up with BIng Rebates, the next step for its cashback shopping program. Bing’s cashback program will compete with honey and Google shopping. It is going to be difficult for shoppers now more.

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The new program gives rebates to the selected Microsoft reward members when they initiate a purchase. It is only possible if they purchase through participating retailers on Bing.


With the advancement in the eCommerce websites, Google modifying its shopping extension and third party coupons sites offering numerous incentives to the shoppers Bing new rebates program has to face many difficulties. Users will be able to do shopping over their search engine only. It might attract new consumers or helps in holding existing users on the platform.

More Information

  • The program is currently is available in Bing’s beta version and to the selected Microsoft rewards members.
  • Products present for rebates are mentioned with different label tag i.e Bing Rebate Shopping tag. To avail, these rebates users need to complete the purchase in a single session.
  • The cashback program was first launched in the year 2008 but the company draws the program in 2010 due to a lack of consumer adoption.
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