Bangalore-based artificial intelligence startup is now utilizing artificial intelligence to help e-commerce companies realize that they are gaining 40% more benefits from their customer engagement activities. Plans to Expand its Operations

“The engagement revenue has increased by 40% in terms of topline impact with the new version of our product and we will be working on taking this upto 60% soon,” said Ajay Kashyap, co-founder, to ET. Over the course of year is also planning to expand its operations to one more country. The firm further plans to find applications beyond e-commerce ranging from dating and match-making to real estate.


The Reason for Increased Engagement

Engagement is referred to peoples who actually click on marketing emails, app notifications to purchase a product. The purpose behind the expanded engagement scores is the level of personalization cases to get with its calculations, for example, altering 0.5 million mailers in light of the individual’s profile and likelihood to purchase an item. being a startup, set up in July 2016, works with14 e-commerce companies like Abof, Clovia and Nearbuy, and is also looking at growing this with the new version of the product.

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