The advertising and verification for the local advertisers or service providers got revamped as Google Home Services app. Currently, known as the Local Services, the program is prevalent in 17 US cities.


About the app

All the service providers get to handle their ad campaigns through the Local Services app in both iOS and Android. Leads could be easily controlled by pausing and enabling the ads. The profile page of the business would display reviews, contact information and other aspects of the business. The ratings for the business could be viewed by Google My Business which could be further verified by Google.


More about the app

Businesses will be able to see the price of each lead after signing up. Pricing will be set as per the cost of the job and its demand. To receive a certain amount of leads, advertisers get to put a weekly budget.


What the businesses have to do be a member of the app?

All the businesses have to go through a verification process along with a thorough background check for employees. It takes two weeks to sign up and get certified. After certification, Google gives a guarantee badge and ensures if the work done by business is not satisfactory then Google will cover the investments made by the customer.



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