DuckDuckGo has announced the “Smart Encryption” feature that will restrict users to HTTPS connections. Whitelist of encrypted sites will be used by the company.

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Smart Encryption:

Smart Encryption is a white list that is considered to be secure. A white list is the opposite of a blacklist. The blacklist includes those websites which are considered to be not so safe but instead of blacklist company is going forward with the white list concept.

DuckDuckGo Explains White List Of Websites
DuckDuckGo Explains White List Of Websites
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Creation Of White List:

  • DuckDuckGo crawls the Internet thoroughly and checks which sites are encrypted and which are not.
  • DuckDuckGo checks the websites that are both insecure and secure HTTPS versions to verify if the URL can be upgraded to HTTPS.
  • DuckDuckGo runs the test on the secured website to ensure that they are not serving mixed content if the website is serving mixed content then it wouldn’t be included in the white list.

DuckDuckGo Words On Routing Traffic:

DuckDuckGo Explains Routing of Traffic
DuckDuckGo Explains Routing of Traffic
Imagine Source: Search Engine Journal

Smart Encryption Used By Pinterest:

The smart Encryption feature is not bounded to just DuckDuckGo users. Pinterest is now using it to send users to HTTPS versions of sites when they exist. The Smart encryption feature is widely open and can be used by any platform.


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