Exotel which is a cloud telephony platform has associated with Zendesk, Software Company, to serve an end-to-end multichannel support to Zendesk’s customers in India.


How it will work

Zendesk will add voice platform of Exotel as part of its customer support offering in the arena.


Combination of network based security and cloud based software

 Shivakumar Ganesan who is the CEO at Exotel said that, “The combination of network security and cloud-based software has helped people log into their systems from anywhere. Instead of the call being in the call centre, it is actually going to where the software is”.


About Exotel

Exotel assists a company customise customer communication over SMS and calls by providing the basic building blocks for the same. The company is associated with over 1,000 businesses including Flipkart, Uber, Ola, Practo and Quikr providing them vocal communication.


Exotel will integrate through Zendesk API

Zendesk API would help in integration of Exotel which would facilitate phone support from Zendesk products. This would help Zendesk business to manage other channels. The automated process of ticket generation, call recording and customer history would surely help a lot of agents in their work.


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