Facebook announces that polls for Messenger are back to use in your chat streams from today.

Messenger Polls
Image Source: Social Media Today

Polls in Messenger was first launched by Facebook back in 2016 and were removed recently due to Facebook’s restructuring of the Messenger app. But now the polls for Messenger has returned with a fresh new look and effective response.

Explanation By Facebook

Explanation By Facebook Polls
Image Source: Social Media Today

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To compare this was the original format of Messenger poll:

Old Messenger poll format
Image Source: Social Media Today

Now polls are better than before with updated Messenger framework and cooler looks.

Steps To Create A Poll In Messenger:

  • Click on + and choose Polls in a group chat.
  • Add a question you want others to vote for by choosing Type in the Poll Question.
  • Choose Options, then click on Create Poll to submit it to the group chat.

All Messenger groups with more than two participants can add Polls.


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