Facebook Camera, Stories full of New Feature

Facebook Camera, which has been the talk of the town is coming with some new tools and features that have been added to catch more attention.


  1. Live-Streaming: Facebook is creating live-streaming within Facebook Camera, displaying a new indicator on the story.

The live option is present at the top of Facebook Camera.


A ‘Live’ indicator on the News Feed will boost more people in this process. This would helpful as Facebook Stories are coming up with a desktop version.



  1. GIF Creation:

Users can now create their own GIFs of few seconds with Facebook Camera, to be shared on stories. Previously, it has included GIFs in comments or as a third part links. It also had GIFs in their ads previously.


  1. Visual Effects:

The Camera option has a ‘Text’ option at the top which is actually Facebook’s full-screen text posts. These can be created for News feed or Stories

Similar functionality is also available in Instagram.

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