Facebook has a powerful feature of location and makes planning events better like check-ins, celebrating, watching, etc. It not only makes the community safe even also help in ads too. Features like nearby friends and find Wi-Fi use Location even if you are not using the app, to make sure that tools and alerts are correct and customized for you.


What’s The Need of it?

The location setting of your Android and iOS allows you to control whenever you share the location over the app. That’s why Android and iOS have released new versions of their OS include updates on how one can view & manage the location.


The Naming of New Versions

The latest version of Android named Android 10 gives more visibility and control over device precise location. The latest version of iOS named iOS 13 sends reminders to people about which apps can access their location info when they are not using the app and no. of times the app has accessed it.


Android 10

Earlier this year Facebook introduced Facebook Background Location setting to give people a dedicated way to control their precise location even when they are not using the app and also has an on/off button to control app’s access the precise device location. If you want to upgrade over Android 10, you will get the option to allow individual apps to access your location either you are using the app or not.

Settings Preferences

Facebook always continue to respect the user’s choice. Like if the device location setting is set as”all the time,” But Facebook Background location setting is off in that case facebook would not collect your location info when you are not using the app. Facebook also began to check the Facebook background location setting on Android 10 by suggesting people check their location settings to make sure what they’ve chosen is right for them.

iOS 13

Currently, there are 3 options available in the iOS app to share your precise location:

  1. Always
  2. Never
  3. Only when the app is in use


If you want to upgrade over iOS 13 you will see an additional option of Allow once lets the app to access your location only once. If you are using iOS 13, you will start receiving notifications about your precise location in the background and no. of times the app has accessed that information. The notification consists of the map of location data and the explanation of why the app uses this info.


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