Facebook is acquiring one of the most popular GIF sharing website called Giphy in a deal valued at $400 million. Giphy will join the Instagram team.

Giphy Join Instagram Team
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Facebook plans to integrate Giphy library with Instagram and its other apps:

Facebook Plans
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Facebook and Instagram have been using Giphy’s library already and it plans to step up the integration so as to increase user experience.

Facebook UX
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Giphy on their side will keep on operating its library and Facebook, on the other hand, will work on developing Giphy’s technology with API and content partners. Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Slack and more uses Giphy’s library and now Facebook will still be able to. For API and users, it would be business as usual as they will be able to publish and upload GIFs on other platforms.

VP of Product at Facebook, Vishal Shah states:

Vishal Shah Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Giphy Statement On The Acquisition

Giphy declared its acquisition and how the website is open for other developers.

GIPHY announcement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Giphy’s plans include working with Instagram but did not publish anything that what it will bring to Facebook’s other services.

Giphy Plans
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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