Facebook is continuously updating its app in order to make it more secure and informative, Facing is now removing its group stories option, which lets users post the single collaborative story in the group.

Facebook said- “On Sept 26 we will be closing the group stories. From then no new stories be posted & current group stories will be deleted. Members and admins can add stories from their profile or make a post in their group to share.”

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The archive group stories can be viewable but can’t be sharable by other users. Pending stories which admins queued will be deleted after a week.

Since when facebook is giving an option to share stories, people have the advantage of being shared their data over their stories for 24 hrs.

The time to say adieu to Group stories coming near.  So use them as much as you can for the last few days. As from Thursday, they will be no more. So plan accordingly.



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