Facebook is coming up with some new insights into the creator studio to help the publishers and creators to know about their engagement with their audiences. It will also help them to increase or optimize their engagement with the audiences.

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New Insights In Creator Studio By Facebook
New Insights In Creator Studio By Facebook

Image Source: Social Media Today

Facebook Words:

Facebook Says About New Insights
Facebook Says About New Insights

New Insights:

  • The new insights from traffic will provide video watch time and retention metrics by four categories: Followers, Shares, Recommended, Paid.
  • Facebook is also coming with ‘star goals’ in which the publisher will set a goal of collecting stars from the public during the live stream.

Benefits Of New Insights:

  • New insights from different categories help the publishers and creators to understand where their traffic is coming from and can optimize their strategy.
  • With the help of new insights, publishers are able to dig deeper to get data on each and every video.
  • Creators and publishers will get the data on who sends the stars on a live stream. Moreover, the top three senders, data will be shown on a real-time basis.

More By Facebook:

Facebook in the coming months will include some Instagram tools as well to the creator studio. After this, there will be a single dashboard for publishers who manages to upload videos on facebook as well as on Instagram.


These new insights are being rolled out globally but it may be not available on the spot. Facebook is trying to bring these new insights to every respective region and group.







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