Facebook has been working on a new option that will allow users to put their Facebook stories for a time span of three days contrary to its 24 hours expiry.

stories time
Image Source: Social Media Today

This creates a huge jump, therefore, changing the concept of stories format. This might be the key to Facebook for its increased stories use. Considering its attempts to push Facebook Stories to gain traction like the way it has been on Instagram but those efforts are ultimately fallen short of expectation.

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The stories format is growing significantly, Facebook sees it as a future way of social sharing.  Stories are on the move to overcome posts in the news feed as the standard way for people to share content across all social media platforms. Considering this Facebook is keen to transfer more users to make use of stories to build a better position for the future. In Facebook’s interest, it means to get older users interested in posting stories. Maybe if stories remain available for a longer time it will lead to more engagement, therefore, inspiring older users to start using stories often.


From a marketing view, it seems to be a risky move leaving the promotional messages in your followers feed for a time period of three days. But it may offer an opportunity for limited-time offers. There is no information provided as of now by Facebook but it is expected to hear an official word soon in a month or so.


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