Facebook is about to remove its ‘Messenger Day’ from Messenger and replace it with cross-posted Facebook Stories as a part of their revamp of Stories tool.


The Ruse with Stories

Messenger Day that has 70 million daily users, far less than what Instagram has and also created a confusion as to how the tool works. To overcome this Facebook came up with a strategy where any story, when posted on Facebook or Messenger, will be shown on both.

More on cross –posting

Though Facebook allows cross-posting between two apps, there will be variation in composition and thus create some problem in its usage. The announcement came after they decided to cross-post Stories with Instagram.


More features to look for

Along with the announcement, Facebook also declared about their collaborative Stories for Groups and Events. In this feature, several users can participate in various events and provide their insights on certain topics.

How will this work?

Once a user shows interest in the event or joining any group, their Stories bar will see a new bubble added to it. When the user creates a Story, he can contribute to as an option for posting creating an opening for the user to share their experience over any particular topic and have discussions.

The Predefined Rules of Posting Story

The rules about posting will be defined by admins of that group. Admins can allow posts from any member and delete the one they don’t like or they can require approval for posts.


How will this help advertisers?

From the perspective of the brand, Stories can acquire a prominent position in the app that allows them to publicly broadcast and create more brand awareness. With more contribution in stories by group members, this will further improve their reach, creating a rich content that will likely gain more leads.


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