Facebook NPE team reveals its latest experiment that is a music collaboration app called “Collab” that allows users to record and remix 15 seconds video clips.

Facebook Says,

“Music is one of the most powerful creative outlets. With Collab, we’re leveraging technology to help people unlock creative superpowers by collaborating on original music videos from anywhere. In light of so many folks sheltered in place around the world, we’ve expedited this release.”

Collabs allow users to mix three 15 seconds of video clips together so as to create new music. Users then can upload the short recordings or swipe through to discover clips then use them to create new compositions.

Once you’ve created a collab, you can publish it for others to watch and mix and match further. You can also share yours or others’ creations to Instagram, Facebook Stories, or any other platform, with just a few taps.

The key element of the app is that users will have to upload each particular segment that other users can search through swipe function in order to create their own track. In another way, Facebook is looking to tap TikTok functionality where hashtag challenges and duets have become crucial for engagement.

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NPE team is to find ways to get on top of the rising trends so as to overcome TikTok or Houseparty. Thus NPE team has made some experiments that involve music sharing, meme creation, and other private chat options considering the user behaviors amid COVID-19 lockdown. The ability to share your work through stories could provide broader reach capacity.

Collabs app is not available for all the users right now as it is available only via invite-only which the company is looking to expand with users in the US and Canada. Facebook warns that the Collabs app might be glitchy as it is in the initial stages.

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