Facebook is developing a new Auto Status option for Messenger which when enabled, will track your location and other device tools to indicate what you are doing at any given time.

Auto Status
Image Source: Social Media Today

As you can see in these pictures Auto Status will use your location, the weather and any other indicator that gives a visual representation of what you are up to at any given time. Then that visual will be displayed on the top of your profile image. As seen in the first picture that Jane’s profile picture has an image of a bike on the top of the profile. Users will be able to select contacts with whom they want to share this information. The auto Status feature is not location-specific it will not reveal any place names just types of location like ‘at the gym’.

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This information could help keep your close connections informed about your location like it can be turned on for younger users to share it with their parents about where they are and what they are up to without having to make a call or send a text. It could also be considered as prompt to meet up in real life if your friends see that you are at a mall they can then ask to meet or join.

Auto Status Feature
Image Source: Social Media Today

It functions somewhat similar to Instagram Threads app. The thread was designed to share information with close friends only. However few users showed interest in downloading the specific Thread app as compared to Instagram IGTV or Boomerang app. Facebook sees potential in the Auto Status feature by adding it to the messenger and making it available to use for every user might get engagement and become the most used tool for users.


Addition of Auto Status feature to messenger suggests that Facebook might bring it to Instagram and WhatsApp as well with Facebook working on its back end messaging. Any Feature launched in one app is expected to come in its other apps too. As of now, Facebook has confirmed that they are under testing of Auto Status for messenger but no plans on when it will be rolled out.



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