Facebook is including a “Suggested Moderator” tool in order to find the right people for the group. The identified people will be best suitable for the moderator and other group leader positions.

The above-mentioned feature was first spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra last week only. The feature is accessible to all mobile users. The tool will start from a small subset of groups then it will expand globally.

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Procedure To View Your ‘Suggested Moderator’ Recommendations:

  • Navigate to the ‘Admin Tools’ section present in a group.
  • Within the section titled ‘Insights from the last 28 days’, swipe left until you see a section that has a number of suggested moderators to review.
  • Once you click on that section, you’ll see a list of the specific members that Facebook recommends would be good for your group as moderators.
  • Within that list, you can directly decide to invite those members to join your moderator team.

Facebook Explains New Feature:

Facebook Expained
Image source: Social Media Today


As facebook group members are going it is difficult to manage by a single person. Therefore, this feature will save a lot of time and effort in finding the right person. Moreover, this feature will be handy for businesses. Big businesses may find Facebook groups as a broader marketing tool for them.

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