Mobile Search Interface Design had been launched a few weeks back by Google, it was in its desktop since May 2019. It added favicons to the snippets and the black ad label for desktop search ads. Lots of complaints were recorded in the search community because of the design release like the mobile released. However, it was not the same as the mobile release as there are many complaints outside the search community.

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Therefore, Google said they may (or may not) return this change. For the time being, Google said they will keep on trying different things with new changes and may evacuate the favicons and additionally black ad labels over desktop search based on the tests. Truth be told, Google started testing these progressions on Friday.

Check What Google Said on Friday:

Source: Twit

Source: Twitter

Many Users are seeing that  Google is testing around this since Friday through today and likely going ahead for half a month as Google stated.

Image Source: Twitter


Hence, expect plenty of changes throughout the coming weeks.

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