Bengaluru based electronic commerce company Flipkart is now experimenting with artificial intelligence technique to help its users find reviews that are relevant to them. “Popular categories like mobiles and electronics tend to attract thousands of reviews, making it impossible for users to consume all the information,” said Ram Papatla, vice-president of product at Flipkart.


People Allowed Seeing user Ratings against Key Product Aspects

Now, Flipkart is allowing people to browse through such products on the site where they can see user ratings against key product aspects in the review section. This will serve as a quick reference for the user to evaluate or compare multiple products.

When a client taps a perspective, he/she is redirected to the audits page where he/she is directed to the reviews page, where they get more detail view of the review snippets which is added to the particular aspect rating.


Using Insights to help its Customer Experience Team

By giving insights to its own customer experience team and brands, Flipkart is planning to help them on what exactly matters the customer. Rival Amazon has also been working on various experiments to make user reviews more understandable.

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