After revamp of PageSpeed tool, Google brings to light the 4 reports from the robust SEO tool – Ahref that is utilized in searching keyword of competitors and analysing the backlinks can give out 4 different types of reports that can help in improvising link building and content strategy.


What are the different types of reports?

  • URL Rating Distribution Report: This type of report helps in providing information about a website’s backlink profile. Present at the bottom right corner of Overview page, all the links generated have a URL Rating of 1-100 which states its quality. The user can evaluate the competitor’s site as the potential of low-quality links are higher in majority of brands.

  • Best Pages: Present in left-hand side, this report will help the user in finding the most popular content present online. This will promote a comprehensive report where the user can focus on link building as Google considers link growth an important factor that goes into SERP position. Getting to know the popular topic, you may create a high quality content based around that topic.



  • Lost Backlinks Report: This report will help the users in finding sites that were linked before but have afterwards removed the link. This will give the insight about the about the lost links and why were they removed.


  • Backlinks Anchor Report: This report can help the user in getting information about the sites that are using the text when linking to yours. If the user gains information about how the sites are using their domains, and thus can use the same in targeting external pages for links. Content ideas are also available through this report.
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