Huge Number of Google users experienced glitches in Google search results. Searches made came up with strange results.

Search Query Interpreted Wrong

One of the interesting Glitch is the involvement of the BERT algorithm (it is supposed), however, it seems like there is no involvement.

Looking at the glitch, Search results are given by Google by the face value of the question, ambiguity interpretation was not tried.

If the search made is “why is 5G dangerous?”

The right result is supposed to be the arguments which show that 5g is not dangerous. It happens in the searches made for medical queries like in vaccines, but not in this case.

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Search Query Interpreted Wrong
Search Query Interpreted Wrong
Image Source: searchenginejournal

CEO and founder of the site complained to Danny Sullivan there is a misinterpretation in the result of the article that is being quoted. He tweeted:

Appearing snippet is the answer to that specific question as Google interpreted the query of 5g being harmful. However, medical-related queries like“why are flu shots dangerous,” or “how to cure coronavirus naturally” are giving the right results. It can be the glitch in Google’s algorithm as there is a problem in 5g queries only.

Horribly Wrong Interpretations

Another strange result is in this question: “when was John McCain executed?”

Horribly Wrong Interpretations
Image Source: searchenginejournal

Other Glitchy Search Results

Google’s Knowledge Panel is affected when the search was made of “Democratic Party” and there was the image of the rat as a symbol.


Twitter is filled with conspiracy theories that the search results related to fringe ideas that were hard to find are now suddenly appearing. If you search on Twitter about “google search results”, there are a number of tweets regarding Image Search, Google Search, and YouTube.


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