Google introduced “Fact Check” labels to the image search results in addition to its fact check efforts in Search and News.

Google’s Statement

“Photos and videos are an incredible way to help people understand what’s going on in the world. But the power of visual media has its pitfalls⁠—especially when there are questions surrounding the origin, authenticity or context of an image.”

This is made available from today to help users navigate issues around establishing the originality of the images and make formed decisions about the content they use. Google will put a “Fact Check” label under the thumbnail say when you see pictures like shark swimming down the street in Google Images.

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After tapping on the fact check results to view the bigger view of the image, the Google will show information on a webpage where the image has been featured. Fact Check label is displayed on select images from authoritative sources on the web. It is not known what method a publisher needs to follow to be considered as authoritative. As per a help page, Google makes use of an algorithm to determine that these publishers are trusted sources.

Not only this Google relies on ClaimReview structured data markup too that is required to be used by the publishers to show fact check content to the search engines. Google already showcase fact checks in regular google news and search results.

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