Google is increasing its capacity to improve on conversion by the time as a result introduced 6 new columns in conversion report. Earlier, Google shows conversions by the date the ad was clicked whether conversion didn’t make on the same date.

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The Newly Added 6 Reporting Columns Are As Follows:

  1. Conversions (by conversion time)
  2. Conv. value (by conversion time)
  3. Value / Conv. (by conversion time)
  4. All conversion (by conversion time)
  5. All conversion value (by conversion time)
  6. Value / all conversion (by conversion time)

Explanation By Google:

Google Explains About New Columns
Google Explains About New Columns

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Benefits Of New Columns:

  1. It will help businesses to understand their conversion more accurate and better.
  2. It makes easier for companies to compare data with their own sales reports.
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