Google is upgrading its Google Ads mobile application by adding new features like optimization score and a dark mode option. Google is expected to launch this update today. Here’s what it looks like-

Optimization Score Recommendations

Account and campaign level optimization scores now will be displayed on the account overview screen along with their relative performance improvement recommendations. In this update, campaigns that have recommendations with a significant impact will be listed first by Google which will help users arrange the most critical recommendations.

Google Ads Mobile App Updated With New Features And A Dark Mode Option
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Dark Mode

Google ads mobile application now has a dark mode interface for users which they can enable if they prefer using the application with a darker background color. Dark mode will be activated automatically in the Google ads app if the user had enabled the dark mode system-wide in their mobile phone settings. Users can turn on the dark mode from the settings menu.

Google Ads Mobile App Updated With New Features And A Dark Mode Option
Image source: Search Engine Journal

New Notifications

Google now lets users have the option to get notifications whenever their optimization score changes which will help users to take instant action by applying google’s recommendations. These features are now available in the latest version of the application.

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