Google is updating its policies to stop surveillance and spyware tech products in the Google Ads campaigns. From August 11, Google’s “Products that enable dishonest behavior” policy will be updated. This policy already includes services and products that are made in a way to mislead people such as student essays, fake documents, and others like those offering unauthorized access to systems like hacking devices, wiretapping items, or radar jammers.

Companies will not able to promote the products which enable people to track or monitor another person or what they do without their consent and authorization.

shopping ads
Text and Shopping ads on a search for “nanny cams” will be banned from next month.
Image Source: Search Engine Land

Examples Of The Items Includes

  • Any malware/Spyware that may be used to track texts, browsing history, or phone calls.
  • GPS trackers particularly marketed to monitor someone without their acknowledgment.
  • Promotion of spyware items such as cameras, dash cams, nanny cams, etc.

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We may be able to see a few merchants bypass this by tweaking their marketing copy. The policy is focused on the market with the express purpose of spying.

review site ads
Cell phone surveillance reviews site ads show when searching for “monitor cell phone.”
Image Source: Search Engine Land


Google has started limiting ads already from displaying on the explicit spousal searches related to surveillance. If you are promoting these types of products through your Google Ads you must remove them by August 11 from your products feeds or you will be at risk of suspension if not. Violators of the policy will be given a warning seven days before Google suspends the Ads account.

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