Google has introduced Site Kit version 1.0 plugin for WordPress. This feature has already been rolled out 6 months before in Beta mode. Site Kit plugins help in simplifying the setup, fixed all bugs and enhance user usability.

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Information Gathering:

With the help of Site kit plugin now users can attain information from various Google products such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, and AdSense. This information is easily accessible on the dashboard itself.

Information from Different Platforms On Site Kit Plugin
Information from Different Platforms On-Site Kit Plugin

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Reasons For Installing Site Kit Plugin:

  • It is very easy to install but Google says it is much more beneficial for the professionals.
  • Easily accessible of data from Google products by just logging in WordPress dashboard.
  • Users will get the recommendations directly from Google according to the performance.
  • Site Kit plugin allows setting the permission goals so the only limited can have access to the data.

Google says the users must check their performances on a weekly basis. Through this users will get to know which pages are on trend and which are not. For not trending pages users can follow the recommendations given by Google directly.


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